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Next release is almost ready

Sunday, January 22 2006
That's right, I've almost finished the next release, it would have been finished by now but we've had some very hot days that the air conditioner just isn't coping with. So this has slowed progress greatly.

This new version is a major update, infact it's almost a new program all together. As I said in my previous news entry (Below this entry) netmonitor will be a service based server. Although this release will still have the ability to be used as the previous netmonitor i.e. as a simple console program, it will be released along with a client program called nettc. Once netmonitor is setup on a server, nettc can be used to display bandwidth usage information of that server remotely. Orignally I wanted to do telnet connectivity, however I believe this would have over complicated the process, so nettc was a much better option. The protocol used between nettc and netmonitor also make it easy to create a GUI based client later on.

The features of this up coming version are :
  • Automated data resetting (fully implemented, and about time)
  • Configuration menu for automated data resetting setup
  • Network device disable detection (fully implemented)
  • UDP based remote network connectivity (fully implemented)
  • UDP port selection (not implemented as yet)
  • Error file logging (Fully implemented)
  • Autogeneration of configuration files if not found (must be run as root) (Fully implemented)
The nettc client is all but finished, only thing it is lacking is port selection.


Exams over and development restarted

Tuesday, November 15 2005
Well exams are over, and for all that are interestinged I'm pretty sure I aced them. I now have time to continue development on the next version of netmonitor. This next version will be a rather large upgrade on previous versions as it will start to be shaped into a service. For now interfacing with this service will be through telnet connectivity, which will display information identical to that of the current console output. This will allow netmonitor to be installed on a server and monitored remotely. Hopefully I will be able to get automatic data resetting fully implemented in this next version as well.

0.5 Released - Major bug fixes

Sunday, October 09 2005
Well I told you it was almost finished and now it is, although I didn't implement all the features I wanted to but the bug fixes provided are well worth it. I've fixed the overflow bug so now the data total limit has been massively extended, also the configuration program is now fixed for those of you using more than 10 Interface devices.

Unfortuantely due to the structural changes of netmonitor this version will be incompatible with older configuration files so you will have to run the configuration subprogram. This will unfortunately reset your data totals but it's the unfortuante cost of progress..

Till next time,

0.5 Almost Finished

Sunday, October 09 2005
Well I just finished the modifications to increase the storage capacity of the totals. I decided against an arbitrary numbers library as  
1 it's to much effort to implement 
2 goes against the low resource usage style of netmonitor 
With the modifications netmonitor should be able to store over the thousand terrabyte mark. With easy expansion for larger storage capabilities later in the future.  Now I've just got to fix a bug with the configuration menu and it's ready for release, but it's 4:30AM atm and I'm heading to bed right after I finish this. 
Also just a quick note that configuration files for previous versions of netmonitor will NOT be compatible with the up coming version due to the storage modifications.

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