Netmonitor 0.5

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About Netmonitor

Netmonitor is a console application that monitors network intefaces.
It displays the transfer rate (upload and download) for each
device and the the data consumed by each device.

The main features of netmon are
  • Low resource usage
  • Simple yet effective design
  • Displays values with dynamic unit change
  • Easy to understand tabular output
  • Has logging features so it can retain values after a restart
  • Compact display, fits in a 9x66 size terminal window

  • gcc compiler - Included with most if not all linux distros
  • linux distrubution that supports the /proc filesystem

Netmon is compatible with the following command line arguments
--config              Activates the configuration wizard
--compact           Removes the spacer lines for a more compact display
--help                 Displays help on netmon
--forceRxx        Where xx is either KB, MB, or GB. Forces the transfer rate to these units
--forceTxx        Where xx is either KB, MB or GB. Forces the totals to these units      

Future Prospects
The future prospects for netmon is to turn it into a backend for a front end
freedock applet, which consists of graphing and advanced information such
as data per hour, per day, etc. Please refer to the TODO file included in the
package for more information. Logo