Netmonitor 0.5

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Netmonitor FAQ

If your question isn't here you can email it to me on or better still, you can go to the netmonitor project page and ask in the general discussion forums.

Q Why can't I add my modem with the configuration program?
A The modem and any other frequently enabling/disabling network device must be active before running the configuration program.

Q Why can't I add devices greater than 9 in the configuration file?
A The situation where a person would have more than 9 network interfaces didn't occur to me to be honest. A fix for this is included in version 0.5 and greater.

Q Every now and again the data totals drop back close to 0 and the transfer rate goes negative, what's going on?
A This is a limitation of c's long long data value, due to netmonitor working in long long units every know and again an overflow occurs. This problem occurs to those who are monitoring fast network connections or people who haven't reset their data values in a while.  A fix for this is included in version 0.5 and greater.

Q My computer stalled and when I restarted it my data values where wrong, is this a bug?
A This is not a bug with netmonitor but rather a failed write to the log file caused by the computer failure. The best was around this is to set a periodical cron job which copies the data.dat to data.dat.back. So if the computer fails you can rename the backup file to data.dat. I do plan to add redudencies to netmonitor to deal with this issue but that won't be for a while.

Q When I deactivate then activate my network connection I get a jump of close to 4GB in the uploaded section?
A This is a known bug that will hopefully be fixed in version 0.6, what causes this is when you deactivate a network connection and reactivate it again the upload counter in the dev file resets itself. Netmonitor detects this as a dev file overflow and incorrectly normalizes this values. I'm working on  a fix for this in the next version, but for now see above question for information on how to back your data.dat file up so that if this happens you don't lose data.

Q Will xx feature be coming to netmonitor?
A If it's not in the TODO list then chances are I don't have that feature planned, most likely because I haven't thought about it. So if you'd like a feature added to netmonitor to increase its usefulness please contact me on and I'll see what I can do about adding it as a feature in the up comming version. Logo