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Upcoming Features

Saturday, September 23 2005
Just thought I'd give you a glimps at what new features netmonitor 0.5 and greater will have. The first feature is no logging, which will disable all file logging features, allowing netmonitor to be used as a simple counter, this will be useful if you'd perfer to monitor your network interfaces but have no real need waste space with logging files.  This feature will automatically display all network interfaces listed in your dev file.

The second feature is automatic data resetting, it will be like an alarm clock that will reset your data counters at the end of each day, week, month or even year. This will be specially useful for broadband accounts that reset data limits at the end of each month.

If there is any other features you would like to see in the next version please don't hessitate to email me on, I'm always open to new ideas.

Till next time,

0.4b Released

Saturday, September 20 2005
Netmonitor has finally reached beta, this version includes some functionality improvements. The major change however, is the configuration sub program, which is working smoothly and as expected. For people upgrading from a previous release, the config files are still compatible with this version so there is no need to run the configuration program.
Also I have renamed the project to netmonitor, it's more unique as there are a lot of programs named with variations of netmon.

0.4b Almost Ready

Saturday, September 16 2005
The next version of netmon is almost ready for release. The configuration sub program is taking more time than I first expected, but it's moving along smoothly and should be ready towards the end of next week.
First Release 0.3a
Saturday, September 9 2005
The first release of netmon has been uploaded to the sourceforge server. It's only an alpha at the moment so there is some functionality missing, namely the configuration program. Due to this, manual setup of netmons data files are needed, however this is simple to do and full instructions are provided in the included README file. You can download this file in the downloads section or follow the link to the project page.
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